Gravity Wheel Conveyors

Flow-Rite Conveyors provide highly functional Gravity Wheel Conveyors and specialty handling equipment solutions for a wide verity of business applications for an economical price.

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Our Gravity Wheel Conveyors are available for both portable and fixed requirements, and are the functional choice for transporting a wide array of products, includying cartons, totes, or even bagged material. It's rolling resitance is easier to overcome than that of comparable roller conveyor. This allows for longer conveyor lines at less pitch angle. Another positve aspect is its inherent ability to keep conveyed items tracked and correctly orientated for smooth product flow.

Our gravity wheel conveyors have a capacity of up to 125 lbs. per ft.

A properly designed conveyor system can return significant cost savings through increased productivity and safety. Our professional team has the vision and experience to design and install virtually any custom conveyor application specific to your needs. We guarantee that our professionally engineered material handling systems will exceed industry levels for performance, efficiency and reliability.

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